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Best Tips For Real Estate Photography

The 3 Best Tips For Real Estate Photography

  1. – Use the perfect light and framing. Often little time and care are taken to make the photographs: the real estate agent arrives at the house, the photograph as it is, shoots automatically and from anywhere. It is important to pay attention to the light to get attractive images and evaluate different options with the frame and the height of the camera.

2.- Highlights the amplitude.  In many real estate portals I have seen photographs that only show different angles of the rooms, and when you have just seen the gallery you have not understood anything, you do not know what size each room has, how they communicate with each other, nor what belongs to what, because you are only looking at angles. You must explain the spaces of a property through the photos showing perfectly the distribution of each room and highlighting the spaciousness of the spaces.

3.- Photographs with a thousand words.  With your gallery of images, the potential buyer should easily make an idea of ​​the whole housing. The photos should allow the prospective buyer to make a mental map of the house, how the different rooms are communicated, what belongs to what and to make a vision in three dimensions. You know, I house photos of an Immeuble that convey feelings and breadth that do justice to the house and highlight its value.