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Best Tips For Real Estate Photography

The Real Estate Photography

No, You Need To Be A Professional; But If You Need: Light, Ecuador, And Amplitude.

Do you think that real estate photography helps sell a home? Of course, yes, but not as they take a large majority of real estate agents. 90% of the photos of homes we find online are a disaster. I could imagine professional photographers suffering a stroke if they visited any real estate portal.Read More At photography for real estate

Photographs made with mobile phones, badly focused photos, photos of rooms  that do not interest , (we go … you upload a picture of the bathroom and not the kitchen, touch your nose!), Photos without sufficient brightness … and in most of the cases photos made quickly and running, because you have to upload the property as soon as possible to the Internet. It is said that a real estate photograph is worth a thousand words. A thousand words? This type of photographs is not worth the words that are in the phrase.

Only Quality Real Estate Photography.

The real picture quality does help a lot more and better information requests, However, the poor quality of the photos of the property is generating little interest and let the real estate agent or agency as one of the bunch.

Today, most online searches are done with mobile devices with high image resolution.  The same can be said about PC resolution cards. When you get used to seeing good images online, a bad image or real estate photography disappoints.

In summary, the quality of real estate photography is what helps to get requests for information. Hey! I said “help”; because an excellent photographic report of a house, (let’s say 10 photos), does not sell a property on its own. You need an attractive description, (full of non-characteristic benefits), to accompany those photos. And if you also record a quality video, you will sell your property faster.…